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Japanese Textures

The following beautiful finishes are all the result of using a unique line of products imported from Japan. This line of decorative textures enables me to create environmentally friendly decorative finishes in varying degrees of green. This line of  Eco Friendly textures are only available to trained professional applicators like myself through one of their “Certified Training Centers”. The products vary in characteristics:

Pataan (pronounced pa-tan) means “pattern” excellent for creating and holding sharp linear and asymmetrical designs. Interior or exterior water based acrylic formula with extremely low VOC content.

Kyoto ( pronounced key-oh-toe) means “capital city” Once the Imperial capital of Japan and one of it’s best preserved cities. Kyoto is a traditional style texture finish that can be found throughout the city. This product incorporates interlocking fibers, soil and diatomaceous earth with modern day acrylic technology.

Kai ( pronounced Ki) means “seashell”. Combining the texture of natural soil, sand, stone and sea shells with an extremely low VOC containing acrylic solution, Kai provides a natural pearl-like glittering texture finish with outstanding hardness and a strong resistance to mold and mildew. This product has the ability to absorb VOC’s out of the air.

Koruku-(pronounced co-roo-coo) means “cork” from a cork tree. An architectural, interior decorative texture, which combines natural. Sustainable cork aggregate, recycled and processed rice straw with an extremely low VOC  containing acrylic gel. A soft cushion finish that is both warm and natural in it’s design. The functional elements of the Koruku finish, provides a healthy, comfortable and serene environment.




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